ZeroSix is gone

04.01.2007 in BackTrace

06’ has been an eventful year. Lots of things happened, but nothing for the good. It was the year:
- I threw-up a dice & hoped for an ace. Finally, I found myself to be a Joker. A game can sometimes be saved by a Joker. But mine is a different ball-game altogether. - I told someone that I’m a Jack of all trades & King of none. But aspiring to become one. He agreed to make me a King; a King in the trade I don’t like. I didn’t trade his goods. Rather, I went to trade pearls. - I moved out from associations, associates & accomplices. The reasons stated were to develop better skill, network with different set of people, to kill boredom & monotony, to seek peace of mind & to lead a harmonious life. - That took me to the land of opportunities, the land of dreams, the land of migrants, the land of civilized people who promote civil wars, the land of nuclear power, the land of time zones, the land of rounded bodies, the land where our brains drained, the land of parking spaces, the land of maniacs & freaks. Its the land where the whole world lands itself. (breathe slowly & read on!) So much to it & I had to return with no glimpse of it.

Not just these, but several. On the whole, it sucked me literally. Better be 07’! >:O)

Update #0: To give a good a sensible feel of how it sucked, here is this update. It so happened that I had to take lunch at a Pizza Hut Outlet with nobody to accompany; Order pizza, eat & return. Do you think that anyone can just do it all alone? When you are single, you’ll realize how the bearers would treat you, how long it takes to deliver your order, how much time it takes to eat a pan pizza & what people in other tables generally do. Man, I tell you, it really sucks. Its pathetic. The nearby chatters & girly giggles suppressed my hunger. I had to pack everything that is left-over & return silently.