Yippee 2007

01.01.2007 in CreativeCart , ExtraPeriment , FunFrolic


This girl woke-up early today. Took a warm shower & clad a new dress. She knew how big this day is. This is the day, to stop & gasp for breath, she thought. To take account of all her activities, her accomplishments! Her failures, her successes! Her learnings, her experiences! To relish every moment that passed away. To munch every sorrow & joyous instances!

“Wow! Thats a lot to think & dream about!” she said to herself. Its been 12:00 pm, she didn’t know. Not having a watch & no body else to ask; she is on her way of life. “Whats more to achieve?”, she questioned & gestured to look further. The sea wind breezed thro’ her long hair, as if welcoming her act.

“There’s a lot of distance to cross. The new Sun today, just reminds that!“, she just realized.
Wishing you a Happy, Prosperous & a Great New Year!

Friends/Fellow Bloggers & Bloggies/Casual Readers/Well-wishers; 7 cheers to everybody, take care! >:O)

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