22.01.2008 in BackTrace

  • Was thinking of 3 people in the past 2 weeks with whom I had lost contact. All the 3 got in touch in some way or the other. :)
  • Wanted to watch a particular movie one more time. Felt a little lethargic to find it. A few days back happened go to my colleague’s place. He offers me a DVD which has this movie along with a few others. You know how my face bloomed? :)
  • I generally walk back home from work. Yesterday, while walking, was thinking how this recreation & resort culture is upcoming. How one has to attract tourists, the facilities that can be offered, etc. Whether it has to be a farmland or some hill-station, activity centric or for relaxation, all such & such,… I reach home & I see my roomie. Asked where he has been for the weekend. He replies, “Been to _this_ hill-station to see a land to buy. Thinking of developing a commercial property!“.
  • Mutual funds is other thing. Was looking for a good one last week. Someone who doesn’t know about this, sends me a link on how to choose the right one.!

Like the Alchemist says, something like “When you are in need, the whole world around conspires to help you in getting that”. Hope the trend continues. :)

WYTIWYG: What You Think Is What You Get.