Wrongly Quote

28.11.2007 in IntelliSparks

  • Smoking: Close to owning miniaturized gas chambers with atleast one exhaust.
  • Gambling: A pleasure, far different from charity, to give up with money.
  • Theft: A monetary loss even without any business indulgence.
  • Alcoholism: Man’s smelly invention to defy gravity.
  • Rape: When one finds a way in, while the other couldn’t manage a way out.
  • Abduction: An usual but adventurous foreplay preparedness for a delightful ransom.
  • Murder: One cruel act of a body asking a soul to get lost.**
  • Prostitution: A barter system showcasing the power of money.

  • Drugs: Grass on the either side is always green.

  • Smuggling: To play hide & seek with Teleportation.

Surprise me with any of the wrong deed, I missed out. :)