White Signal

02.05.2007 in IdeaXtream

Like Aparna notes, Ambulances gets held-up in the traffic & fails to serve the emergency scenarios.

The casualty gets more worse if it happens in a city & that too during peak hours. Looks like an Emergency gets a trivial consideration by the inhumane fellow commuters. No it shouldn’t be!

What we need is a White signal in addition to Red, Green & Yellow to ease the emergency. On this signal, all traffic should steer themselves to the left, paving way for the flow of Ambulances, Rapid Action Forces, Fire Tenders, …

Here is how it should look like:

  • An added “+” on the signal adds courtesy & attention.
  • Notice the White gets the top slot, demanding priority.
  • The lamp should be sparkling bright in white.

In addition to modifying the signal,
- The public should be educated about the new “white signal” & the importance of respecting it. - An Emergency Co-ordinating team should be formed to facilitate emergency attention to be prompt. Members from Hospitals, Local administration, Police, & self-help groups could be a part of it. - The Traffic controllers should have a methods to control traffic lights from their offices. - Digitization of city maps & automating for shorter/fastest routes between places seems necessary.