Where am I?

21.12.2006 in FunFrolic

SPiKE writes:
> Its a bright sunny morning. Both the sky & the water below are blue > today. The sea is calm but for the noise from our hovercraft. Should > be about 30 minutes, since we started. The dull monotonous noise > changed in pitch, faded & the craft halted. A flock of seagulls flew > past me. Its more calm now than before. I heard the sound of gushing > water, may be from a whale & a few screeches here & there. I perceived > & imagined things a lot more today. I guess, I’m right mostly! The > people around me got ready for the test. I’m able to see, now. The so > called captain of the craft uttered in a clear voice, “Jump, my boy! > Swim for your life!”
> Another guy in the group saw me jumping into the water. he offered no > help, nor do I want it. I’m not scared. I know swimming. I have > participated in marathon swimming competitions. Its all fun & this is > just another. I immersed to wet myself completely & turned around to > take account of the situaton. I didn’t know where I’m, I was > blind-folded right from the start. I was keenly following the > direction with the sounds from the ariplanes airplanes that > took-off & oil vessels that were perched. I knew that there is a Navy > Corps Academy in the bay area & also a few oil sites nearby. But now, > I’m past all these. Where am I?

Hey, I couldn’t read/quote anymore of SPiKE’s adventures. I’m stopping here. He is a loafer, you know!

PS: SPiKE is just another person in me. >:O)