Where am I? #2

17.01.2007 in CreativeCart , FunFrolic

SPiKE continues:
> The water was cold & wavy. I felt like shivering; dipped to wet my > head. From a distance, a large sized boat, probably a more > sophisticated one, trumped. I turned to see it approaching. It had a > bunch of people, a few with their binoculars. All men & no children. > One guy, if I remember correctly, the guy on a loose violet beach > shirt, had a video cam. He stood at the verge of the deck & was trying > to get something in his viewfinder. The boat came closer & got > anchored. Someone from our hovercraft shouted something to the boat. > The water in my ears dampened the sound & made hard to decipher.
> That should be a boat of tourists doing some joy fishing & enjoying a > ride, I believed. Got some relief that someone being there to support, > if in case. The man with the cam moved his cam to capture me & my > hovercraft. The men in our hovercraft, however, opposed to it. I > thought it to be the moment of life & swam towards the boat. I was > stopped by the sounds of gun shots. Alas! They fired shots towards the > sky. Though sounds played a major role today, I didn’t sound any! Some > laughed at me. Some threw dead fish. Yep! All these men belong to the > same group. Who the hell are they?

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