What makes an Engineer

29.12.2006 in WriteThings

What does it take to make a person an Engineer? Going by the general crowd of Indian engineers, who have mostly sunken their careers in software development & other related services; here is what you’ll get:
- He studied Bachelors in Engineering. - His designation is being a Software Engineer. - Probably, his work is into developing a Game Engine.

(considering the fact that “Behind every man there is a Woman”, a “He/His” here also means “She/Her”)

Is that all? You may wonder! But, Yes! Its just these.

As Gones points out to Wikipedia for a definition,
> “Engineers use creativity, technology, and scientific knowledge to > solve practical problems.”

Sounds cool! It should be great to be an engineer, I suppose, but not as a SW engineer! Can somebody share with me, whether we (SW engineers) solve practical problems by applying “creativity, technology, and scientific knowledge”? Bull. We (atleast, I) don’t. I use creativity in commenting code, to give out “pleasant” debug messages & in naming the functions. I use technology such as internet to dig for knowhow & blogs such as these to rant, a while. I apply my scientific knowledge to enjoy some science fictions & nothing else. <:o(

Under the section “Lists of notable engineers by discipline”, there is no mention of “Software Engineers”! Yeah! We are not that sginificant. We do no better job than the construction engineer, who builds a ghat road across the valley. He might have considered the centripetal & centrifugal forces to design the steep curves turns. We have to submit ourselves to an aerospace enginner, who designs the slat mechnanism for an AirBus wing. He sees the air velocity, temperature, humidity, metal tensile strength, etc to design that little groove. Man, you might want to rewind to your memories of your old school days; when your class miss told you about Newton, who found the apples falling to be intriguing!.

We are no life savers & do no mission critical jobs. But, we have deep pockets, prefer SMS over a talk, do some adventures by tasting varied cusine & burden the soceity with rise in prices. Time hasn’t come yet, for people to repent for their careers. Life goes on, until we cease to exist.