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18.03.2004 in BackTrace

This is the Invitation that I sent to all my friends, welcoming them to ScreamCast.
> Hii Friends,I have started to do some blogging. My Brand new house, > ScreamCast is at http://ranjhith.com Itz an age-old dream, that just > got realized. Yes! Finally I got some space in www. ScreamCast is > about screaming something and then casting it. If you are interested > in my scribbles, this is the place to be. What you see is What I’m. > Itz really really great fun and very very exciting to log and view it > on the browser. You folks have to try this.
> Please bookmark it! Your esteem comments and feedback will be greatly > appreciated.
> Add to ‘My Yahoo’:
> http://add.my.yahoo.com/rss?url=http://ranjhith.com/index.xml
> +*\^-/
> regards,
> Ranjhith Kumar