Weekend Movie Marathon

12.06.2007 in BackTrace

Hope you guys are doing great. Last weekend was so lonely that I had no mercy in seeing movies. Yep. Sort of a weekend movie marathon. I think, I watched these:
- Big Mama’s House - Slither - Unnale Unnale - Chennai 28 - The Birds - Crank - Swingers - The Black Dhalia - Vertigo - Some ARR Videos in YouTube. - A few Home Videos.

Looking forward for the next weekend. >:O)

Update #0: Left out 2 other movies in the above list:

* This one is a little grouse movie. A happy living couple being tormented by an Alien incidence. The husband tries out a larger-than-life caterpillar in his garden. It in turn, throws up a stent like object which gets imparted on to the guy’s brain. After which he gains lot of liking towards meat. He gets infinitely hungry all the time, for meat & flesh. So, eats off the cows, dogs & kittens found in the locality. He also affects the people in the neighborhood by injecting some sort of yucky solution, making them hungry as well. A sick movie, in total & I don’t even remember its name. >:O)

* The other one was Mozhi. Archana was right in her thoughts. Nope. Not about the children stuff. But about her inability to appreciate music, very unfit for a musician’s wife. Karthik gets blind with love & goes behind a dumb mute/deaf girl. Meanwhile, Viji made the full use of the opportunity & marries Sheela. The matches were like a Test match & a One day match; but the game is very much the same!

Update #1: dumb/deaf -> mute/deaf. reason is here. Thanks Sen.

Update #2: In the middle of the night, i get this faint thought of the movie, I missed out. Its the Next.

Nicolas Cage stars as a Magician & helps out to track down a nuclear attack. He sees future upto 2 mins. Good one.

Ho Man! How cud I miss this? The irony is, I forgot something happened in the Past about the movie Next. :)