Valentines Day for Singles

13.02.2007 in FunFrolic

Going out single on a Valentines day would be the most disheartening thing to do. So better would be to team-up with other singles around & do some activity. You are a gang of 3 to 4 guys (or girls), who are bent on doing some pranks. Here are the few things that you can try doing:
- Do this on the evening of the Feb14, may be at around 5 pm. Enter a Cafe Coffee Day outlet, one by one & occupy seperate tables. If you get a couch, stretch yourself a little extra. Stare at the menu for quite sometime & then call the bearer loud so that you get everyone’s attention. Never ever make signs. Order some Black Coffee, may be an Expresso which’ll be sick! Put your mobi in silent mode & act as if you are on a call. Act as if the person at the other side of the call is your valentine & didn’t want to turn-up for the meet. Do the chatter loud. Scold him/her loud. Make your sentences long & filled with emotions. Cough intermittently. Clear your throat attimes. Keep shouting. All of your gang should do this. If your Black Coffee has arrived, sip it & place the cup with a thud. Make some whacky & miserable facial expressions. Continue the talk. Use the restroom atleast twice. Make sure you ask some doubts about the bill. Cut the call abrubtly. Pay & exit.

  • Get a black cloth & cut a heart symbol out of it. Make several of those, your friends may need it. May be you can put-up a distribution center. You got to Pin-it-up on your shirt, close your heart & walk down the streets. Sticking an arrow is left to your creativity.
  • Create banners, placards & posters about the ill effects of love & stage a peaceful march near Parks, Beaches, Shopping Malls & Movie theatres. Get oaths from people that they wouldn’t love anybody.
  • Get yourself dressed in starking Red. Everything in you should be red, including the flower that is on your ear pinna. Anything in Green is a strict “No! No!”, as it depicts “proceed”.
  • Submit a request to the Education Deparment of Schools & Colleges to include a subject about Love. The subject that creates awareness & hatred towards love. Suggest all the Singles, Love-Loose-Outs & Saints to device lessons for that subject.
  • Buy gas filled heart-shaped pinkish baloons in bulk. Go to places where cupid-couples gather & release all those baloons in the air. Poke some of them during the release & do claps when they burst.
  • Join a cake shop/confectionary/restaurant where the probability of boy-girls visiting is high. Buy Red Roses again in bulk. Roast them on a Barbeque stove & place them on the serving tables. A few roses can be dropped for people to stamp & walk on them. Have competitions such as honouring the person who strip all the petals of say 10 roses in the shortest time.
  • Report abuse of all the communities on Orkut that preaches love. Do the same for chat rooms in Yahoo categorized as “Romance”. Complain about the language as inappropriate in Rediff’s Q&A section for all discussions about love.
  • Note down the names of all the girls (if you are a girl read it as guys) you have been behind, whom you don’t like or who dumped you. Print them in large fonts on Tee-shirts in different colors, specially Pink. Make cuts on the Tee with a razor-blade & wear it over a black shirt. Go around your city on a bike.
  • Rent out some romantic movies in which the lovers doesn’t get together, even at the end. Invite all the singles around & laugh at the fate of such lovers. Have a Blast.

If you have some other ideas, do let me know. >:O)
Happy Valentines Day Celebrations!

(Performing any of the suggested pranks is purely on account of the individual’s wish. I’ll shall not be held with responsibility.)