V Can B

07.08.2006 in FunFrolic , IntelliSparks

What can be V?
- Sounds to be collective. Single, visually.
- Obviously, Victory. Hitler & History can speak about it.
- An arrow towards gravity. Shows downside. - Its SmallCap. Both capital & small of ‘V’ is just ‘v’. - 2 leaf foliage. ADMK. - Goes as the lower part of an arrow, allowing it to dock to the bow. It shall be a facilitator or a launchpad.
- All nozzles, funnel tips, tap ends are V. Its an EndPoint.
- ‘V’ can do things better what ‘U’ can’t even do!
- When topped by a sleeping line, represents Family Planning. Any further thoughts?
- An anchor, pulling the audience attention.
- Unifies Vishu, Vietnam, Visual Studio, Virus, Virgin, V????a, … Vendetta, Villan. All disturbances.
- Is pointed & might hurt. So used in the design of knifes, arrows, swords, missiles, … It is the Terminator.
- ‘A’ line & a reflection is ‘A’. ‘V’ is the basis of ‘A’, the sound of all languages. - ‘U’ & ‘V’ can clean water. - ‘V’ can’t be friends as the lines flare out. But a double ‘V’ can be.
- >:O) Its my head!

Update #0: What can be X? & M-W are related to this.