U & I

19.02.2007 in FunFrolic


U & I; so close & next to each other,
a moment, an opportunity, & never ending.
but still, haven’t typed something meaningful!

the keyboard gets all the hits,
yet never fumes; maybe because,
U & I are there to console.
don’t we radiate tolerance & forgivness,
for people to understand & accept?.

8 is in between & above,
a maneuver to earn a license,
to ride with we as both of its wheels.
ouch! does it remind something?
our 1st journey, needs a valid license!

its UI; when we go together,
means a lot of interaction & intimacy.
stimulative, expressive & perhaps educative!

Y came in before, questioning our closeness,
O came after, wondering our secrecy;
neither we care, nor we dare;
together we belong,
as long as we are english. >:O)

image courtesy: gettyimages.com

Update #0: Fellow readers, the idea of Y before U & I came from Ponnarasi. >:O)