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29.03.2007 in BackTrace , IntelliSparks

Hotlinked ImageI’m a lifeless idiot! #

In the celebration of a Valentines Day for Singles, he met she! #

Pressure shud be mounting 4 all who hav just startd to Love. Well! The Cupid Gods wud also be in pressure to make this Love sustainable! #

Seems like, I assume things a lot about people. I’m being scolded for that! Am I?? :( #

Like someone said, “Opinions are like ass-holes. Everyone has one!” Noone shud blame it. #

The market gets the news much before the media! Will this be true? Huuh! #

V = U & I + L >:O) #

Weekends come so fast & I grow older equally fast. Too bad!! #

When Men is to :{ , Women is to :} ! #

A World without Internet is like a Butterfly without a Fly! #

Google has blogs, email, groups, chat, photos, calendar, pages, code, videos, books, shopping, ads, news, sheets, maps… but wheres a wiki? #

A Geek’s marriage invitation will have embedded RFID tags. :D #

Further geekiness would be to have this RFID Tag on the maangalyam. >:O) Can easily find when his wife is lost!! #

There is so much talent spread across this world & the internet just delivers all these at ur desk. Pretty good! #

All North Indian Girls are like North Poles, making Magnets like Men to turn their side!! #

Everthing goes “open”, like opensolaris, openGL, openmoko,… Will there be something like “openRanjhith”? :D #

Knowing C++ is really a Plus. Learning it. #

North Indian Girls are like North Poles, fit for a an excursion/expedition but not for settlement/inhabitation. :) #

South Indian Girls are like South Poles where there are so many Penguins (read it as PenQueens)!! >:O) #

Twitter will die out soon, if its only about publishing “What are you doing?” #

And finally:
> Guys, I hav decided to pull out of Twitter! What? Want me to stay? > Then, gimme a reason!! >:O) #

Those where the updates from here. I turned Twitter down & from now on, my mobi would have some spare space. :)