To go Honeymoon

28.12.2007 in FunFrolic

One girl:
> Nah! I’m taking just a week of leave for my wedding. Honeymoon would > be sometime after 3 months.

Another guy:
> I’m taking 2.5 weeks of leave for my marriage. 1.5 weeks for the > Honeymoon! We are going SriLanka.

Why do people go for Honeymoon? I think, its a team building activity, like we have in the corporate world. Can call it as a pair building activity to better the days back home.

Folks out of arranged marriages do honeymoons just after the knots, which is important. And yep! That girl’s is a love marriage & while that guy’s is arranged.

Go honey, go honey, to moon honey, to moon honey;
Moon in the honey or honey in the moon?
Find the right, in the honeymoon soon.
Go honey, to moon honey!