TI’s DLP goes Mobile

05.04.2007 in FunFrolic , GizmoNoise

Viola! A projector on your phone!! Yep! [TI][] [demonstrates][] its latest [DLP tech][] for Mobile phones at the recent [CTIA Wireless convention][]. That was a technology demonstration & would soon reach our hands.

Photo by [TrustedReviews][].

If you wanna experience this DLP tech from TI, go watch a show at [Sathyam Theatres][], Chennai. Heard that their projectors employ DLP.

A few thoughts:
- Mobile television is catching up & with this tech breakthrough, you can possibly enjoy mobile broadcasts on bigger screens. Ofcourse, you need to bank near a wall for that. Beware, this mobile is gonna make you immobile. - Sales/Marketing managers could fancy themselves & flaunt before their potential customers. All deals would happen with dim lights & windows pulled down. - There’ll be crowding near the Walls. Local municipalities may get petitions to construct white-washed walls in all public places. - Every single person will have something to showoff. Our eyes may feel the strain. - The sale of LCD Televisions & Projectors will go down. Even that of PCs, as attaching a keyboard & a mouse to the phone & sitting near a Wall would give a PC’s experience. I don’t think the sales of search lights would be affected, as long as there is a good turnover of missing people. - Newer devices might surface, something like “DVD Players for Mobiles”, “Remote Chargers for Mobiles”,…

Keeping everything aside, I think, this is a great innovation towards making people to spend more. Every single device around you is considered for [an integration into your cell phone][]. Isn’t this nice?

I wish, these Handset/Chip companies get cues from “[The Matrix][]” & embed a [teleporting][] device into mobile phones. Should be easier to go directly & talk, rather than making a call! The Telecom Operators might fume about this & not endorse this device. However, might be a big hit in the market. Everybody will have this kinda cellphone, but there’ll be no signal! Hahaha! Way to go!