Time to marry

12.12.2006 in FunFrolic

  • Your hair follicles gets weak & still keeps obeying gravity every day. It seems like Autumn in your head, while everybody else around you feels like summer.
  • You see new glimpses of silver lines when you comb & you rush to your mom telling about the discovery.
  • The old grannies start to grumble always about their oncoming funeral whenever you go near them.
  • Aunties hunting for you to host a dinner, of-course to relish the delicacies prepared by their one & only daughters who are supposedly beautiful.
  • You being invited to celebrate the 1st birthday your classmate’s baby. Or much worser, you being asked to pick-up an application form from a nearby school to admit your collegemate’s son.
  • You stare at a thick bright yellow string around your colleague’s neck.
  • You being moved by the distance between 2 people to the front of you in a cinema hall.
  • When in a bus when the conductor asks to push in, you were able to push the person ahead of you with your belly.

All these are the signs that hint you about your time to get married. You bump on a person who turns on your attention, instantly. And because of all those hinting, you turn so desperate for a marriage. What do you want to do? Here is a set of questions you need to shoot across.
1. R u married?
2. Is there somebody to marry u?
3. ILU! Will you to marry me?

The results are not guaranteed & this is only a reference. But u’ll be almost succesful, when the answer to the 1st two is a “No”. All the Best. >:O)