The Net

23.12.2006 in IntelliSparks

A few thoughts:
- The Internet isn’t the “World Wide” Web. It is a CyberVillage. - Here the time to reach anyone is nearly ‘0’. Its the information “SuperHighWay” with no speed limits. - A village where the house numbers can be 12 digits & seperated by 4 3 dots. The panchayat has plans to increase the number of digits. - An equal or more number of non-humans live in this village. No animals & No aliens. - No plants & No trees! So, no global warming. There can only be global “warnings”. - Not everybody sleeps in the same time. There is atleast one to chat at any point in time. - Be Rich or Poor, the only access is thro’ http/https. - A Netizen can be - a Scientist, a Doctor, a 6 year old, a WebCam, a Terrorist, a Paedophile, a Seeder, a Student, a Spider, a Spammer, a Refirigerator, an Uncle, an Anonymous Coward … - You need not be “you”, always. You can be me. Yes, Internet is the place to clone. A place where “Multiple Personality Disorders” can be widely seen. - You can make comments on the kolam (rangoli) made by a girl or on the girl itself! Nobody can bash you for “Eve” teasing/pleasing. They can just only “ignore”. - Its a play-ground, where people play “safe”. Ofcourse, there are spectators; who are contender themselves.