The making of Crorepati

28.06.2006 in BackTrace

Just thinking of becoming a Crorepati by 33 yrs of my age… for that how much i need to invest now….?
u got some kind of software or xl sheet where i cud input my investment amount, rate of interest, and yrly incremental principal, etc..etc.. which will give back the projected amount after say N yrs???

Gones today came with this question. Becoming a Crorepati when one always awaits for the 1st of every month? Mission Impossible!

  • Strictly follow the *subject* of this email thread. (It was *RE: Shun IPO’s*)
  • Where is a FamilyPlan(ning) there is a Greater Gain. Read it again - This is Painful Saving.
  • Never cut ur Hair. S(h)aving a penny today is saving many for tomorrow - This is Painless Saving.
  • Dig your backyard for possible treasures. Diamonds form due to pressure. Ya! Pressures cause Treasures.
  • Switch your job to some construction company in Afganistan. U’ll be insured for crores.
  • Add a -hack code- in the mobile software you write. Every time when a mobile carrying ur software (which is very rare) is used for a bank transaction, let it drop a dollar to ur swiss account.
  • Plan a trip to space (americans are allowing) & never get ur tickets. U’ll save a hell.

I wrote back this to him assuming that it is seriously impossible to collect 100 lacs. Ya! I thought that we lack.

But he said:
> by investing 2lakhs every year, expecting 25% gain per year which is > realistic and additional investment of 25000 every year (which is also > realistic looking at our current salary and no personal > responsibilities) we can be Crorepati in 10 yrs isnt this eqn simple.

When I calculated, to my surprise it accounted to 91,19,548 @ the end of 10th Year. SabashPathi is a SurePathi! - I lauded.

BTW, Gullu came up saying that 25% annual returns isn’t realistic & suggested it to be 15%. With this sheet he says a 35,886 rupees every month is determined to make you a Crorepathi. Thanks to Crorepathi shows for the inspiration it had created.