The Japanese & The Titanic

17.07.2004 in BackTrace , WriteThings

Yesterday I attended a Seminar about Japan, a Broad overview on the Land, People, Business and Social Culture were dealt. More >>. The Sensei (Instructor in Japanese) shared a cooked-up story to explain the Japanese mindset. It goes like this:

It happened in the maiden voyage of Titanic. The ship collided with an Iceberg, broke and started to sink. The life boats were few in number, not enough to save everyone. There were people from different parts of the world. Anyways, the women and children in the ship are to be saved. How to convice, The Captain of the ship stood vague knowing what to do. Finally makes up his mind and firmly shouts, “All men jump and let our women and chidren live”. No response. Nobody seems to be moving. Now the Captain gets smart and yells, “Hey Britons, Aren’t you gentlemen?”. Immediately all the Britons jumps into the sea. Now turning to Americans, “You wanna to be Heros?”. All American men plunges into the water. The Captain is glad to see this. He looks at the Germans and says, “Hey people, this is my order! Jump!”. Germans dive in to water. Now the Japanese turn. The Captain remarks, “Hey Japanese did you see the Britons, Americans and Germans in the water? Why are you waiting still?” Thats it. All Japanese happily fall into the water.

This is to say that Japanese prefer imitating than inventing. Ofcourse they specialize in improving the imitated ones. This is what the Sensei told us. But this looks very peculiar to me. Are Japanese really like that? I’m wondering what the Captain would have told to the Indians?