The Golden Chariot

10.03.2008 in BumpedUpon

I saw The Darjeeling Limited last week. Its a story about 3 American guys, infact brothers, touring the Himalayan part of India in a train, to re-invent the lost brotherhood & to discover the spiritual part in themselves. The film is filled with subtle wits & great camera angles, like in a 1st person shooter game. Nice watch; never miss it. To start with, read the reviews of the movie & then go ahead. I didn’t do this thou’. So suffered to get the essence of the whole movie.

Pic Courtesy: FoxSearchLight

While watching it, was wondering whether that kinda train really exists. Its a luxury train, with the interiors reminding the Great Rajputs of India & their palaces to be on the rails. Thought that the Americans really faked such a train & fooled their country men. But seems, it isn’t the case.

Karnataka’s Tourism Ministry has launched such a train by name The Golden Chariot. It connects Bangalore & Goa in a duration of 8 days & 7 nights with several stoppies at numerous heritage sites. The men behind the train say that its a ***** hotel without a swimming pool & including a spa. The tour costs about 2500 USD per couple making only the Ritche Riches from the country & abroad to aboard.

Welcome to the New India. :)