The Big America

21.06.2007 in WriteThings

Every bloody thing in America is bigger than the sizes I’m used to.

Roads: No explanations.

Direction Sign Boards: They are so big & very clean with big letters.

Traffic Speeds: People in freeways travel here at big speeds; the near max would be 120 mph. Yep, you got it! Thats 193.12128 kmph.

Trucks: They are really huge & travel at about 65 mph. The only things that’ll scare you on roads.

Parking Space: Everyone owns a 4 wheeler & to make them come to your shop, you gotto to offer a space for their vehicles. The parking spaces spans acres of land even when the shop is just about 50x50 feet.

Days: They are longer too. Theres daylight even at 8:30pm in the place I live. The sun gets up early by 5 am.

Moon: Some 2 weeks back, we had a full moon. You won’t believe, the moon here is about 20% larger than what I had seen. Did they do something to the Moon when Apollo landed? Weird.

Crows: Its very uncommon. Even if you spot one, you’ll see the difference. Its the all-black (is it male?) one in a XXL size. Its the Raven here.

Living Spaces: They are never cramped. And the communities are very spacious.

Burgers: When I buy them, I specially instruct to cut into two halves. One enough for the lunch & other for the dinner.

I’m just thinking, does India have anything majestic/adorable/to-be-proud-of apart from what our ancient kings had built?

Update #0:
Tomatoes: They are like apples. You know how the onions & potatoes will be. Yes they are. :)

People: Both the White & Black are huge.

Land Spread: Should be the only country to have more than 4 time zones. Keep aside the confusions because of it.

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