Sudamal vizhi

25.08.2006 in FunFrolic

A few incidences with the song “suttum vizhi” from Ghajini:

  • One person wrote the verses of this song (with modifications) to his/her love.
  • Another changed his/her mobi’s “hellotune” to this song.
  • Yet another person recoded (changed bitrate) the audio of this song such that it gets played in his/her mobi.
  • One notable guy went a bit further to pull in the video of this song to his mobi.
  • In He/She episodes, when the guy asked the girl to sing a song, she starts, “Suttum vizhi chudare …”

I donno, whats so hot abt it? It happens only with Love, I guess! Between, Ghajini Mohamed made 17 unsuccessful invasions to India. Would this be an inspiration for all the valentines out there?

ok. Cya. kaN vizhithu soppanam kaNdaen, hey suttum vizhi …

Update #0: In an unrelated note, Bharathiyarwrote, “சுட்டும் விழி சுடர்தான் கண்ணம்மா - சூரிய சந்திரரோ!”