Successful Work Habits

13.03.2004 in BumpedUpon , WriteThings

Title: Successful Work Habits in a Week.
Author: Jane Smith

Its a nice read scheduled for a week. But I didn’t finish it in a week. It takes time to absorb everthing the author suggests. I’ll recall and list out all that someone need to practise.

  1. Be Enterprising.
  2. Work from the Heart.
  3. Learn to love change.
  4. Stay in school.
  5. Manage your own Motivation.
  6. Start here and now.
  7. Market Yourself.

While discussing about managing motivation, Jane says that the motivation/goal has to have the following traits.
1. Specific.
2. Measurable.
3. Active.
4. Realistic.
5. Time Bound.

Practising is important than reading all stuff. But I guess we practise all these in without knowing. Otherwise how can we be Successful?