Silver Years

28.06.2005 in BackTrace

It had been 25 years, since my parents got married. 26th June, 2005 was a special day for my family. I had been home to celebrate the occasion. I personally didn’t get any gifts from B’lore. My Bro, Asok Kalidass, surprised me having got 2 gifts; one for him and the other for myself to present. My mum had a special present from our cook here. Ladies are exceptional. We got sweets, purchased clothes and roamed out - all the celebration we had. My Grand parents blessed my folks for long life and good health. It appereared good to me when they knelt down together to my grand parents. A rare sighting in these 24 years.

The times had been both good and bad for them. There had been quarrels, conflicts and arguments in these years. Not to forget the cheering moments and joyous gatherings, they had. Moods being up and down is a part of their life. Tolerance and Sacrifice had been their greatest virtues. Even the demanding situations kept them united. Let the love for each other last for their life.

Silver has been reaped. Gold is sowed this season. Let the couple live up their aspirations.