Science? No-Signs?

11.03.2008 in FunFrolic

Q: What’ll be the weight of a Black Hole?
A: It might be “light” as it swallows that too. (Btw, in space its all mass & no weights.)

Q: Isn’t that we gain mass with weights? I overheard my Gym teacher telling this to someone.
A: This is true with a physical trainer but not with a physics teacher.

Q: Masculine is so pretty, grandeur & attractive in the animal kingdom. Among humans its totally opposite. Why is that?
A: Firstly, we don’t want to be like animals. Secondly, we needed reasons to celebrate & honor womanhood with things like International Women’s Day. (I guess you are a guy, so am I.)

Q: If electricity is flow of electrons & if every electron has a mass, when I charge by battery would its weight increase by some infinitesimal amount? Atleast in theory?
A: Going by what you think, looks like all generators would become weak & lean in the course of time. The answer is a no. The electrons in your battery are separated with the electricity from your mains. And the weight, mass, charge or what ever of the total system remains constant.

Q: Why is that there is no Polar Bear in Antartica?
A: Because by the time they try to cross the Equator, they would be burnt to death. Same applies to Penguins. (Btw, correct the spelling. Its Antarctica!).