Run to Stay

09.12.2007 in BumpedUpon

A few days back, happened to hear Rajesh Shetty’s podcasts. In one of them, he says:
> This world is moving so fast, that one has to run to stay in the place > he already is!

I think, this is a fantastic thought telling all of us the kinda things that’s going around. I felt so, & as always, the thought just dampened away.

I bumped on it again; in today’s TOI’s Life supplement. Quoting from one of the articles, as said by Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland” to Alice:
> Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in > the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at > least twice as fast as that.

Is this some kinda omen, I need to pick the cues from & do something about it? May be, it is.

One might trail backwards when there’s no gravity. To keep abreast, one has to run. This is obvious. Applying the same, the gravity here is the force that the job has in you. That keeps you engaged & gets you going. You are required to do nothing extraordinary, just do things that come to your table. But this gravity dies-off quickly & you float mid-air. Not knowing that you lost your firm support, you continue to keep doing for whatever you are paid for. In the meanwhile, there are lot many people underneath you who keep abreast with this world. You being mid-air, comfortably floating in the cushions of atmosphere, cared for nothing.

One fine day, you land, to check-out on what this world is upto. To your surprise, you’ll realize that the place you landed is not the place you wanted to be. You’ll see all the people around you ran to keep-up with this world. You’ll be a victim with no one to hurt. You would have lost a race which no one had initiated. You’ll curse the plight &’ll search for the options you are left with.

Isn’t this terrible? At least, run just enough to stay.