Refresh with me

18.07.2007 in BackTrace

Lemme freshen you up with some updates:
- “Thinking Blogger Award” from Nithya & Nirek. Details here & there. Thanks gals fellas. :) - Got myself a Dell Inspiron 1520. Its Ruby Red, fat & ugly. - Currently in love with Georgia. A year before it was her. - Movie watching didn’t subside. ParuthiVeeran was good. - There is no man in this world without being tormented by a woman. I saw it & I continue to see it. - People get reminded of a comedian/child catcher/villan when they see me. Their thoughts needs refinement. - Comedy can be more entertaining when people grow it by questioning/commenting/giving examples/relating with unrelated things. Basically, by dragging it. - My mom called me up & warned me about the on coming 7 & half year war with Mr. Saturn. I need fairness creams, the ravens here are scary. - Girls never disappoint me. They keep repeatedly proving this. - Finally, Contestipate is ready to serve with no constipation. Tipping is most welcome. >:O)

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