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08.11.2008 in WriteThings

Nobody is dispensable.

My ex-team-lead kept saying this. After about 1 yr working under him; one fine morning, I heard the news that he hung himself in his house. What a pity? A few weeks passed & we didn’t miss him much at work. All the responsibilities he had, were transferred to some other person. The project went on. I think his family would hav moved-on as well.

Each one of us living in this world is very much dispensable. We are utterly trivial comparing the massiveness of this earth & the space around. Every person’s life is to be overwritten by people who follow. The loss of a child or a member of your family or the love of life are all just temporary feelings of sorrow & dejection. Things would eventually come & fill those doleful crevices.

Very recently, I re-learnt the meaning of the feelings: remembering someone & missing someone. The intensity of pain is greater in missing someone than you remember someone. I think remembrance tends more towards happiness. Also, you can’t miss someone all the time. It is so painful & you unconsciously restore to remembering them. Making them dispensable.

Love is like a food-poison. It becomes a part of your daily intake & gets in your blood stream. You keep thinking that food is good, being totally unaware of its ingredients. You’ll not realize that you are sick until you puke one day. It makes you weak & miserable. All your screws would be loosed & would let things go.

You’ll also enjoy some comfort in going thro’ that suffering. It is like that feeling of liberation when you confess something. Although many would disagree, I think this is the case.

Love sucks until the last drop of your bodily fluid ceases to exist. Period.

I came across this post at LifeBeyondCode. To quote:
> A path where the journey is better than the destination!

Think that journey is very much better only when the final destination is gonna cause some discomfort. Slam those brakes & bring your wagon to a screeching halt when you foresee things to go crazy weird. Although it is hard for your ears & confronts your balance, you get time to re-plan. Assert your desired destination, pull-up your direction maps & re-check your routes. You can go nowhere after you hav reached the original destination. So know where your brakes are.

Let me reinstate: I’m OK!