Purple haziness

29.08.2005 in BackTrace

For the 1st time in my life, as far as I could remember, I experienced levitation. A non-physical, cognitive kinda of float.

The music was loud. I was about to tap my foot to the beat. Shucks, the floor below was not firm. It had a wavery movement as if it was water. I lift my leg to see whats beneath. Nothing abnormal. But still, only my trunk was riveted on the tiny chair. My head, arms and limbs didn’t stay in place; were moving-n-shaking. People around me appeared more friendly. Many were dressed in dark shades. Something engulfed me. My nephrons did a good job than my neurons. Salam - I wished toilet keeper, on entering. On leaving, he wished me back with a napkin. I know the trick of give-n-take. I walked cautiously, taking short steps, watching keenly the path I have to take. I didn’t look around. The whole room was sailing on high tides. People were perched as honeybees on their combs.

Immense smoke and feeble light filled the place. I had to unlock my mobi to read the menu card. My head kept drooping, so as others. I had to try hard to watch the video being played near the roof, above my head. Nothing great in the video, but to confront with my control system. The disturbance has been caused to the Central Nervous System.

The night on my bed was not comfortable. Pictures of me confessing to my parents daunted. Felt like floating in deep space where no organism inhabited. Slowly got into sleep. No plans to take it up again.