Public Speaking

23.01.2006 in WriteThings

* Have something interesting to say.
* Cut the sales pitch.
* Focus on entertaining.
* Understand the audience.
* Overdress.
* Don’t denigrate the competition.
* Tell stories.
* Pre-circulate with the audience.
* Speak at the start of an event.
* Ask for a small room.
* Practice and speak all the time.
thro “Let the Good Times Roll(Guy Kawasaki)”:

Back in Office, I remember those sessions on “Presentation Skills” and “Communication Skills”. I took off these:
* The initial 2-minute is the crux. This is the time where the audience starts to judge the person on the Podium and viceversa. So do something to impress.
* Introduce yourself to the extent that it creates confidence in the audience, so that they’ll listen to u.
* Understand the wants of the people who have come in. Their Experience/work/culture/know-how… etc.
* Breaking the Ice barrier. Crack a Joke. Ask a Question! Hence bring in the audience closer.
* Stand with confidence. Let the sternum face the roof and you face the audience in the middle of the crowd.
* Smile overwhelmingly! No hesitations. Show-off your teeth. Let it sparkle in the lights.
* Interrupt to break monotony. Sing a song. Give a Quote. Draw a Cartoon.
* Read the Body Language of the audience, take feedback and React.
* Modulate the voice. Chirp! When you tell a bird’s story. Squeak when it is Rat’s. Bring in that Liveliness.
* Ask closed ended questions. “Isn’t it?”, “Are you listening?”
* Never loose the eye-contact with the audience. Even If u want to pick a pen from the Back Stage or while you write on the white board.
* Practice! Practice! Practise!… Practice!… Until you perfect.

I need no a “Standing Ovation” but a “Sitting Applause”.