Postpaid Plans for Sensors in a Mobile Network

12.03.2007 in IdeaXtream

Born out of the discussion happened over here: Free Messaging.

Mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous & cheap. Even a common man relies on this wonder device for this bread. So, how to make use of this gadget & the “always on” Mobile network to our comforts?

Read about this in Paper:

There is a village in Andhra where farmers use missed calls to switch on their pumpsets. Its really important to water their fields in the early hours & at late nights. The farmer need not go the well, which might be in the middle of the field & might avoid getting bites from serpents & other creatures.

Typical Requirements:
- A dismantled cellphone. - A Charger. - Extra circuitry to glue the celphone & the waterpump. - A SIM - A Call plan for the cellphone.

Our focus here is abt the last point. So the welcoming move should come from the Telecom Service providers who are willing to provide connectivity for sensors/devices like this. There can be “special” post/pre paid plans which are valid say for years & the cost of it should just bare the cost of the SIMs. I’m taking about plans of around Rs. 100 per year. As the whole thing works with missed calls, there’ll not be any “actual” calls made. There is no spending for customer care. Might be a boon for cellular companies for identifying altogether a new revenue channel. >:O)

Another is the charger, which has to be a solar device, which powers the cellphone. The power requirements will be to the least, as the there will not be any display. The cellphone has to just keep tabs with the network.