Philips Ambilight & AmitGupta’s PhotoBlog

16.02.2007 in BackTrace , BumpedUpon , GizmoNoise

Ambilight is an “intelligent” light glow (halo) behind the TV/Monitor that changes in color with the content that is shown. The Royal Philips Electronics invented this.

But even before Philips, my mom had found it. She used to instruct me to switch on the night lamp, whenever I watch TV during nights. Will say that it’ll reduce eye strain. No! No! I don’t want to file any litigation against Philips & claim rights. >:O)

Ok. Coming back, Ambilight is an aesthetics feature & shares something with usability. Amit Gupta, the man behind Photojojo maintains a PhotoBlog. There, the border strip at the bottom changes in color harmoniously in respect to the photo that is displayed. You got to visit the blog to really understand. Isn’t it an ambilight technology for websites? Is it a patent infringment? All perceptions are left to you. >:O)