PG Marriages

21.11.2007 in WriteThings

One day:
> Mom: Shall I get you new clothes for your Birthday?
> Son: Don’t worry mom. I’ll buy it by myself.

Another day:
> Mom: Your Dad & me are just thinking. Shall we get you married?
> Son: Hmm! Ok. But try to get a nice girl who suites our family.

Such a situation occurs for fellas, be it a guy or a girl, for whom love didn’t strike or even if it had struck, it would have struck the wrong chord. Yep! We are talking about arranged marriages that aren’t out of love. There can be love from the parents, but definitely not between the guy & the gal.

Such marriages are good in a societal setup; telling people that the guy or the girl isn’t on the loose. But certainly, its a blow for the internal values of the individual. For a person who grows with fulfilling his needs by himself, this is for sure a failure case. A desire un-accomplished with his mere & meek abilities. Something he is incapable of, that brings in embarrassment to the core.

You may counter, that its all within the parents & the child, & there’s nothing to feel low of. But the truth is, the parents are so very caring, forgiving & more importantly forgetting the real twists in their child’s behaviour. Even the child is little bold enough to ask for things that he/she hasn’t mastered enough. It all happens for the sake of “One Big Happy Family”.

In case you are still wondering what the PG in the title means, its Parental Guidance. :)

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