Pathogens & Relationships

09.10.2007 in WriteThings

Love is a bacteria & not a virus.
- If it is a virus, there is least probability for one to fall for the 2nd time. In reality, this isn’t the case.
- Viruses need living hosts for them to be active. However, Love can be with non-living things too. You shall love your mobi, a TV show, etc. - Love is viral, contagious & not chronic. Most diseases from a virus end up in death.
- Sometimes, Love is rewarding like our Bacterias do. They help in digestion. One cannot live without it, so as Love. Viruses are always problematic.

Marriages are made in Hell not in Heaven.
- Marriages make slaves. People tie a string to secure themselves to something. Or rather exchange a ring to restrict them within a ring. - Its an inauguration for all sufferings, fights, despair, etc. If its Heaven, I shall presume it to be all pleasant & peaceful. - Just as in Adam’s case, its an apple that tastes sweet in the beginning & when digested later appears as a sin. Guys from Heaven will never plan this!

Don’t derive opinions from this post. When the girl I love wants to marry me, I know how it is to be in a Hell infested with bacterium. But, I’m left with no option. :D

PS: Need some serious comments from people from biology backgrounds & married men/women. Correct me, in case, I’m wrong.