Paper & Trees

17.01.2007 in CreativeCart , FunFrolic


“Save Paper. Save Trees.” - This placard can be found in our office restroom. A few thoughts that spurred were:
- Save Paper. But, clean your dirt! - Save Paper. Plant Trees. Water them. - Recycle Paper. Save Trees. Create Jobs. - Use Paper. Plant Trees. Balance the ecosystem. - Offices & Restrooms, better be Paperless! Printer companies, better go bankrupt. - A Placard that was made out of Paper & having this particular message spoils atleast one purpose. - Say, an origami art, a “Tree made out of Paper”, would be a ransacker. - Making Paper out of Trees is a irreversible process that leads to deforestation which is reversible.

do you have one? >:O)

Your entry may have a fair chance of getting read in the UN Trees & Environment Conference or may be fit for a citation from the Green Peace. So unlace those horses in you!

[paper.gif]: “paper.gif”