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04.01.2006 in BackTrace

I was on a mountain peak, sitting and thinking of something. If it was not something, it would be someotherthing. As time went on, the valleys and the forest below went inundated. As my thoughts were water droplets, this happened. I showed no reaction, but to allow the water to fill-up. I was surrounded by nothing but water. The water did not show the mirror image of the sky but reflected everything that went in my mind. I know I was hungry, but still did no effort to catch those fishes living in the water. Ofcourse, the water was fertile enough to rear such fish. Fish like usable & meaningful thoughts did occured to me. I was not prepared for the catch, no nets & no baits. Infact, no thoughts to catch fish. Instead, there were thoughts that brought in more water. Water collected and percolated. The hunger didn’t bother me. Nor the scare of drowning. I cud have built a boat and hunted for fish. Nothing I did.

For these many years, this is how, I was. Dreaming about things. Thinking a lot. Building castles in air. No Action plans. Procrastinating. Lethargic. Let this 06’ NOT be that way. Welcome 06’!

IFAQ Update:
Why did u go to a peak?
Thoughts creep in when the mind is solitary. When disengaged from other minds. One need not be physically alone. So felt a mountain peak would be an ideal place to depict the situation.

Why were u hungry?
Ya, sat and thought for an umpteen years. Did nothing to satisfy myself. Never thought of catching fish in the nearby waters. Isn’t it natural to get that hunger?

What are u upto?
Thinking about building boats and catching fish.

Is there a skill to execute?
Hope so. Need to wet my hands. Will tell u soon.