News this Week

27.03.2007 in BackTrace

Movies, I saw, this week:
- An Inconvenient Truth: Mentions AndhraPradesh to have reached 50 degree celsius in the summer of 2005. I’m hoping for a 54 degree celsius this time. - Babel: Won Oscar for Original Score. Although, I didn’t find it to be impressive enough. - Little Miss Sunshine: Its about participation & having fun & not about winning. Said as winner’s traits. - Happy Feet: I don’t speak Penguin & my foot is intact! :) Its the best animated film at the Oscars.

Surprised to see a woman holding a MobilePhone. She sells Balloons at a Traffic Signal near the CyberTowers in Cyberabad.

“Men are like Test-Tubes. Experiment with it & wash it” - as said by TOI about Women’s opinion on Men. A very apt metaphor. :)

Predicted India’s Demise at the WorldCup! Two more predictions are on the cards. >:O)