Need a Reason

11.10.2006 in FunFrolic , IntelliSparks

Bob meets his Project Lead Bunny at the entrance of the Urinal. They both acknowledge each other with a smile. Bob leaves & Bunny gets in. Something pops out in Bunny’s mind & he hurries to drain himself. He then rushes to his PC (computer) to check for any memory leaks in the code written by Bob.

Witnessing the whole incident, God wonders what has happened to Bunny. Can you help the God? >:O) You have 2 more days to give a reason. (please comment your answers)

** Update #0**:

Ganesh got it right. He is absolutely incredible. See this comment. He has the skill of predicting what I think. (I remember the “RememberTheMilk” incident!) Kudos.

If I was asked the same question, I would have reasoned like this:
Bunny noticed a little wetness in Bob’s pants when they met. He then looked at Bob’s face to see him smile. He gave a return smile & departed. The wetness in Bob’s pants is due to a splash of water when he washed his hands. But Bunny thought otherwise, he assumed the wetness is due to *leak*. Later he linked this leak to the memory leak. He thought if Bob could leak this, he could leak that as well (Bloody u Bunny). He hurries to drain himself; in the process he *wets* himself. >:O)