Naanu Galibore Hogi thaait huthivi

23.08.2005 in BackTrace

Galibore was not all that great. Last Saturday, we had been to this place as a part of our Project Closure Party. Again organized thro’ JungleLodges. Earlier one was for this.

The celebration is for the first project I worked on. It had run for nearly 2 and 12 years. Its in the area of Digital Televisions (DTV) basically for Set-Top boxes and PVRs. DTH viewing employs Set-Top boxes. Recently Hathway is offering Near-Full edition of DTV services. We had it installed in our office also.

Galibore is a Fishing Camp on the banks of Cauvery River and is supposed be the best breeding grounds of Mahseer. We had no opportunity to fish them, they are busy >;o) it seems. We just climbed 2 hillocks, did some joy fishing (nothing great, you need to hold the rods, sit for a while and return empty) and rafted downstream. Many said that the rafting on the coracle was fun. I didn’t experience any, as I was on the axis of the shake. Cha, I missed it. Thats ok, White Water Rafting is to be much, much more than that. Iam looking FWed for it. Few photos are here.