My first ever successful interview

21.08.2006 in BackTrace

Bhuvans’s post had triggered an array of past memories. Yeah! Its an array with no bounds checking. Lots & Lots.

It was in 2002, I had to face a panel of 3 guys & 2 ladies for the job interview. 2 guys in 3 are Japanese and 1 of the ladies is a HR. I was interviewed for the job of an engineer at SoCrates.

After a bunch of usual questions, the lady who was not the HR asked about my expectations of me towards the company. From having a conducive environment to challenging work to recognition, I told everything that I felt. The HR leaned towards me, intercepted and asked what I meant by “Recognition”.

I felt a little nervous, as her body-language changed drastically as if to hurt me. I answered her that recognition is about identifying & acknowledging the good work I do, which’ll be a motivation for my continued contribution. Before I could gasp some breath after answering, the HR just instantantly asked what I’ll do when my project manager simply ignores my work & ceases to recognize. I haven’t thought about such things before. I had no answer. I blanched. I kept looking at her eyes. All the noise around me heard a bit louder. My heart marked its presence. Noone spoke & silence prevailed. Damn. I thought I lost the job for going blank.

I took my eyes off, adjusted to focus the whole panel before me & said, “If that is the case, I’ll quit the company & I’ll start my own!“.

After a month, my mom recevied the appointment letter from a courier guy, asking me to report to work on Aug 5th, 2002.

I still feel that answer was bold & it reflected my sub-conscious mind. Hope the good times are ahead.