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07.11.2007 in BackTrace

The 1st english movie, I saw, had a scene like this: Some worm like giant creature in a slurry of mud all over it, keeps sneezing & because of it, a girl slips while she is attempting a climb. I donno its name nor its story. My mom & dad had taken me to this.

The next one, I remember is Mackenna’s Gold. Those where the times when the theatre folks didn’t honor film ratings. My pitha (Dad’s brother) took me to this film along with his friends. Still I could recollect, in the break he buys me an Egg Bonda & a coffee, takes me back to the seat & leaves me there. He then goes out to join his friends. I was wondering on what he was doing, so sneaked out. To my shock, he was smoking a white cigarette. Will I be quite? The 1st thing I did, as soon as I reach home is to tell my Dad about it. :)

Then next is the innumerable Jackie Chan movies starting from the Police Story series. I hate chinese films to the core, specially those with martial arts. But, the Jackie Chan’s are very acceptable.

Rambo & its sequels are the next. The way Stallone screws the bomb to his arrow & launches it was amusing. I think, in Rambo III, he settles with more of automatic weaponry. And what a physique, man? Haven’t known about Arnold until Predator.

Blood Sport, its about some stage fights where people gather & cheer for fun. My dad picked me up for this. I donno why. :)

For Jurrasic Park, we went as a family. I remember my brother to cry. Many school children had come in groups. The start of the movie was very scary. I didn’t understand the story of how they brought those Dinosaurs to life. Those times, the dialogues were hard to follow. After, I started to work, happened to read the novel of this book. Did I mention, this to be my 1st novel ever? Anyways, the experience was far better, as I could add screams, noises, BGM, visuals & dialogues from the movie, while I read it. Enjoyed reading every bit of it.

Golden Eye, the first bond movie, I ever saw. There’s sure a magic in the theme music of the Bond’s. Talking about music, happened to see, The Mask, during the same month or so. I could still remember the BGM for the 1st scene of Cameroon Diaz. Made it so dramatic. :) Not to forget the Jumanji, King Kong & Godzilla.

The recent movie, with which I had good time was Knocked Up. Subbudu wrote about it, so went on to see. Althou’ the comedy is a little raunchy, its a good watch. I recommend it, if you are a grown-up. :)