Mobile phones

08.10.2007 in BackTrace

Mobile phones are remarkable & is a part of life. Have a few incidences

to share.

Saw a woman in an IT park here. She was squatting with her mobilephone in speakerphone mode, talking to someone & cleaning up the mud. She is the woman who scratches & sweeps the sand from the roads.

You know what mobile she had? Darn it is a Nokia 3230. She is no more a lone worker.

Read out from a newspaper, that a girl attempted to kill herself when her dad refused to give her mony to change her mobile phone. How silly it can be? Even a guy from the lowest of the middle classes, wants to change his mobile in a year’s time. I guess, its an issue of prestige & not desire.

The other day, I was talking to my colleague about the new trend in embedded OSes. That there is a lot traction for OSes for automobiles. But he refused that the going won’t be good as Automobile markets are for 1st buyers. Considering the number of people who can afford to buy & the number of used ones, the markets aren’t lucarative. Are you in mobile space? You are in business. :)

Have good times. >:O)