21.01.2006 in WriteThings

* They break your working day into small, incoherent pieces on a schedule incompatible with the natural breaks in your flow
* They are normally all about words and abstract concepts, not real things (like a piece of code or a screen of design)
* They usually contain an abysmal low amount of information conveyed per minute
* They often contain at least one moron that inevitably get his turn to waste everyone’s time with nonsense
* They drift off subject easier than a rear-wheel driven Chicago cab in heavy snow
* They frequently have agendas so vague nobody is really sure what its about
* They require thorough preparation that people rarely do anyway
thro: “37Signals (Meetings considered harmful)”:

*My Version*:
* Let the meetings be brief.
* Let the attendees come on Time.
* May someone minute it and share it.
* Let it start & end well within the work hours.
* Let the knowledgeble people speak.
* Let there be no training in meetings.
* Let there not be blabber/silence/chit-chat/monologue.

*Update*: “You still want meetings. Here’s how to make them useful! (37Signals)”: - New from 37Signals