Mars & Venus

24.01.2007 in FunFrolic , WriteThings

Starting from this decade, the Mars gets it a lot quicker, while the Venus gets it a little late!

What is it? >:O)

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Well! “It” is “Marriage” - No one got it!! Sad!

Considering men to be from mars & women from venus, I think, their timings of getting married got varied these days. In the sense, men get an early marriage, while the women get it late. Myself & my roomie had some discussion about this.

Men because of getting high-paid jobs & financial freedom, tend to settle early in life. They seek for marriage, as thats the only thing that seem to be pending!! Lower interest rates & ease of availability of Home Loans well served to be the catalysts. A car, a house, some bank balance, a foreign return, good earning capacity - all these occur a little early in a Man’s world. You’ll see a missing item here - a Good girl. >:O)

Women on the other hand, are the now torch-bearers of the family. Many have started to work, they too get paid well, financial freedom comes at ease. Socially, a working woman is well received. Women go out a lot more today & they are well informed. They seem to chase careers & knowledge. Marriage seems to be unimportant until they receive a 50K salary.

A 26 year old woman getting married is very common, nowadays. So as to for a 25 year old man. This won’t be the case a couple of decades ago - a 22 for a Woman & a 29 for a Man; would be the ages of knots.

Okie. Unloosening the horses, we’ll do some creative stuff! >:O) Ever thought of why John Gray chose Mars & Venus to describe Men & Women in several of his publications? Why not Mercury & Neptune? Here are the reasons:
- In Greek mythology Mars is the god of War. So used to represent Men. Venus is the Godess of Love & Beauty. Hence, Women. - Mars & Venus are are the closest planets to Earth. Yep! Our Earth is in the middle of them, like a Nandhi. Mars & Venus are as such, inhospitable (lifeless). But when they come close, I mean as in marriage, they become hospitable (life). If they had to come close, they had to end-up in Earth, where life enjoys birth! I would say that Mars & Venus came close to Earth to bring life into existence. >:O) - Venus is generally mistaken to be a “Star (evening)” because of the “attention” it gets by reflecting a lot of light. I guess its yellow, as in Turmeric. All of the Womankind. - Mars is seen as a Red planet. Red as in Aggression. The trait of Manhood. By the way, it has two tiny natural moons!! (Venus doesn’t have any!!)

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