Marriage: An arrangement for Love or A Love for an arrangement?

22.10.2004 in WriteThings

Arraged Marriage vs Love Marriage - This was once a popular Topic in group dicussions. In our hostel there used to be some mock GDs, I remember those quarrels now. GDs are of no use. The statements are just thrown and the people in the discussion receive very selectively. Because of this, it becomes tough for a person to conclude. It so happens that he blabbers something to finish it off.

Ok coming back to square one: Arranged vs Love, they always contend very close.

Arranged one, generally brings peace in the Family and thrill in the newly weds. Peace because of the consensus made on the bride and the groom. And thrill since the married ones are very new to each other and will be fun for sure in knowing the other person. If it is beauty for brides, it would be jobs for the grooms that decides the marriage partners and nothing more. Maybe in somecases the people around will try to force this equation
Bride( Beauty, Dowery ) == Groom( Salary, Education, Assets )

The parameters that decide the Bride and Groom will prove nothing to the Bride or the Groom after their marriage. The B & G are arranged/brought together, by people who in no way concerned, to co-exist for the rest of their life.

Enough of artifically made-up marriages, we’ll move to the naturas ones. Love Marriages are based on:
Bride( X ) == Groom( X )

where X = anything/everything/unknown

Here the convincing part is, both B & G depend on the same X and the equality is established naturally with no force. Someone said, “Love cannnot bought. But you need to pay heavily for it”. Yeah, this is how the X gets its meaning. “Pay” not necessarily mean Rupees but Kindness, Tolerance, Sacrifice, and lot more. You and Me need not bother on what the X is and how does it equate. Now given this equation to the B & G’s parents, they’ll try to prove it under certain conditions like Caste, Social/Financial Status, etc which are merely Don’t Cares. Do they check the necessary ones like Behaviour, Responsibilities, etc first? Never!!.

[ End of part1 ]