19.08.2005 in IntelliSparks

No, This post is not related to Merriam Webster.

Presenting before you ’M’ and ‘W’. ’M’ as in ‘Man’ and ‘W’ as in ‘Woman’.

  1. Look at ’M’ and ‘W’, both have the same pattern but in a different orientation. Represents Human, in general.
  2. Ever wondered why the ’M’ looking down always and the ‘W’ seeking the Top? Always?
  3. Take ’M’ and ‘W’ into the Rain. We’ll have more water collected in ‘W’ than in ’M’. Does this mean something to you?
  4. If I tell you that ’M’ and ‘W’ are just cross-sectional views, will you disagree?
  5. ‘W’ appears as the mirror image of ’M’, when you place a mirror to the bottom of ’M’. Is that why ‘Women’ are fond of mirrors?
  6. You can fit ’M’ and ‘W’ in the best possible way.

Now you know why there is a ’M’ in ‘Man’ and a ‘W’ in ‘Woman’.

Finally: Utter ‘Woman’. Yo! there came a ‘Man’. ‘Women’ just cannot ignore ‘Men’ or what? As far as I know, our Indian Mythology doesn’t say anything about ‘Women’ going as saints.

PS: IntelliSparks can be highly frivolous like this post.