Love & Crime

05.10.2006 in FunFrolic , IntelliSparks

Satheesh wonders asking:
Is it crime to marry the girl whom you loved?

Yes. It is a crime for which you’ll be punished with a “life” sentence. >:O) (fun only answer)

My way of asking this question, moving it from a specific case to a thŕattled case:
Is it a crime for X to marry Y with whom X is in love? (Y is Male & X is Female, just as their chromosomes!)

Yes for Y. Its a crime for Y, with whom X is in love, to marry X with whom Y isn’t in love! Simple! Ok. What if marriage happens? The answer becomes complex. Simple again!

Yeah! Falling in Love is a crime, as it involves stealing each other’s hearts. >:O) If one isn’t too comfortable in loosing his/her heart, he/she takes back from her/him. If both give back what they stole, the case is closed & the love is dissolved. If one takes back & the other doesn’t, there is a twist in the crime. Now, who is the Criminal? Is it the Taker? Or the Looser?

Well. I say both are criminals. The Taker is charged with “giving & taking”. The Looser is charged with “accepting & refusing to accept”. The trial continues! >:O)