Locked up in a Lift?

17.04.2007 in WriteThings

Might be useful, if you happen to get locked-up in a lift (elevator):
- Do not panic. You are a about to experience an adventure, enjoy it! - Look for “Alarm” or “Call” buttons on the panel. If you find one, press it & stay calm.
- In case theres a “fan”, switch it on. - Tell yourself that a minute’s time is really a hour long & theres ample time to stay patient.
- The lift’s doors never have locks, try to open it from inside. Never worry if it doesn’t work out. - Sit down & talk to someone, if you have a mobile. - Generally, lifts block signals to your mobile. You can play a game or write some SMSes. - Viola! Surprisingly theres noone to disturb you, think about your future. - You can survive without food & water for atleast a day. Lie down & take a nap. - Keep tapping the walls, if its more than a day’s wait.
- Take care of yourself; Its only you who can.