Lockdown for a few months

01.02.2007 in BackTrace

Update #0: Couldn’t stop the urge! I’m back in the blog business. Please keep visiting me & keep sharing your thoughts, like as you did before! >:O)

The disturbance & provocation has been too much & thŕattle couldn’t sustain itself! So planning a walk-out, keeping thŕattle in bed-rest for three months or so. In this period, I would like to streamline things with me. I haven’t still lost interest in thŕattling, but felt the noise is way loud; spoiling myself. I’m aware that a good ecosystem is brewing here >:O), but couldn’t help nourishing it.

Its like this Calvin’s struggle (click here - if you can’t read):


thŕattle has been both fertile & famine, had fun with the horses (including a pegasus), invented several mashup names, reflected a lot from heart & mind, made a few but good friends. Hmm! Sure, will catch-up with those fellas regularly. Then nothing more. Take care Bloggies/Bloggers! Will follow-up your writings. I’ll miss you here! <:o( Cheers!